Friday, August 28, 2009

John Lasseter Q&A videos series - Part two

It's a special "John Lasseter videos" today and yesterday, the Disney Living channel on Youtube released this first video of John talking about the upcoming "ultimate" Toy Story toys. This new toys will be great and i can't wait to see tne next videos with John probably introducing each of them. Have a look to this first video, next one should be post next week.

The Q&A short videos series is going on on the Pixar channel, and John Lasseter is answering to interesting questions as you will see in the videos below.

In this first video John Lasseter answers to the question "When will we see a female lead?" in an animated picture, and John reveal that there is one coming soon in an upcoming Pixar movie!

Did you ever wonder if "the Pixar lamp is a mama lamp, or a daddy?". John will give you the answer in the video below!

Somebody else asked John an interesting question: "What Does A113 Mean?". Have a look at the video to get the answer to this apparently strange question!

The next question to John Lasseter is just as strange and it's "Do You Like Monkeys?".
As you will see John is not alone this time to answer the question!

In this last video, Lasseter explain "who wrote the story of UP!"

New videos are posted regularly on the PIxar channel, so have a look at Pixar's page on Facebook or Daily Motion. And enjoy!

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