Saturday, July 25, 2009

DCA's World of Color Pictures, Artwork and Videos

The pictures were released last week-end, but i was doing my "Man on the Moon" celebration and couldn't post them before. Anyway, better too late than never and here is great artwork for the awaited "World of Color" show at DCA. As always, click on each picture to see them in big size.

First, some pictures of the Blue Sky Cellar preview center.

Here is the artwork for the Pocahontas scene...

...And two artworks for Alice in Wonderland scenes.

The artwork for the Wall-E scene...

and the one - if i'm not wrong - for the final scene.

Disneyland also released a picture of the model showing where will be all the fountains... well as pictures of the construction inside Paradise Pier Lagoon.

I'm re-posting here the video - filmed by the always excellent MintCrocodile - that visitors of Blue Sky Cellar can see and learn more about the upcoming show.

Disneyland also posted on Youtube a behind the scenes video of the construction in DCA's lagoon!

But the not-to-be-missed video is the presentation that Steven Davison, creator of the show, did last week. Not only you will learn a lot about the show itself, but if you want to see somebody who have a real VISION, then look closely at Steven Davison.
Thanks God, "Lightsofwinter" had the genius idea to film Steven's presentation, and here it is in three parts.

Pictures and artwork: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright Disney, MintCrocodile and Lightsofwinter

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