Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disneyland celebrates its 54th anniversary !

Yes, it's already Disneyland 54th anniversary - and next year the 55th! Incredible, isn't it? To celebrate this event i've embedded below the fantastic "Disneyland U.S.A" documentary filmed in the late 50's.

Why fantastic? Well, first, it's incredibly well filmed - and in glorious Cinemascope! The Cinemascope format was brand new at that time, and it's interesting to see how each frame of the movie have been thought to take as much as possible advantage of this new wide format. Sometime it almost reminds me the Cinerama movies which will be introduce some years later.

If you have never seen it don't miss it as it's also a unique chance to see how Disneyland looks like 50 years ago. In fact, truth is that it's not a documentary but a real time machine!

The best is to click at the right bottom to see it full screen to have the best experience. Enjoy it, and most of all, Happy Birthday to Disneyland!

Picture and videos: copyright disney

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