Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Incredible Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 construction videos !

You will love these amazing Disneyland construction videos! Frankly, it's an amazing treasure, and as all treasures its find happened with a bit of luck with the discovery of a reel box with "Disneyland movie" written on it. Inside, all - or almost - the 1954-55 building of Disneyland, thanks to cameras that were placed up on towers at different places of the park. Using time-lapse and traditional eye-in-the-sky photography, this is a dazzling piece of history, presenting how the fearless construction crews had Disneyland up and running in just under a year.

It's totally fascinating, really. A pure miracle, as you would have never expect to see one day what you will see now. A Disneyland fan dream-come-true! What is the most surprising for me is that these Youtube videos were uploaded 8 months ago and nobody noticed them before! Anyway, better too late than never, especially when it's a treasure like this with - on the third video - a commentary by Tony Baxter and Ed Hobleman and Walter Magnuson.

So, get a drink and some good tapas, sit well and enjoy the movie, you won't believe your eyes.

Edited: In fact, some of you told me that all this wonderful footage is part of the special features of the Disney Trasures DVD: Disneyland - Secrets, Stories & Magic.
So, it is not as rare as i thought (!) but it's great anyway!

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney

Many many thanks to theeditor84 for this unbelievable treasure!


  1. It was Great to see Walt riding around on his bike checking out his new long awaited dream project. I knew there was something right about how it felt to ride our mountain bikes around EDL during the construction. Thank you Walt for setting the "Best" example.

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